The Result of the patch in Human                              

                                                      Cell phone protective device
                                          "Spinor" Powered by GeoGuard Technologies
This device is a result of latest discoveries in the fields of quantum physics, bio chemistry, and biophysics. Discovery of scalar electromagnetic fields laid out a foundation for the theory of quantum field which represent physical vacuum as global and ubiquitous super field of the Universe. Any field contains an informational constant, which can be measured, and changed or corrected purposefully by using special technologies
Just as electromagnetic fields are caused by a charge and gravitational fields by weight, spin or torsion fields are created by any rotating objects.
The structure of the human’s physical body includes atoms and the molecules possessing by nuclear and nuclear spins which are the source of spin (torsion) fields. Every single cell creates own torsion field superposition of which creates a Bio Pole of the body.
It is proven that any electromagnetic field has spin (torsion) component transferring information about processes occurring in physical objects. Numerous experiments and clinical studies have shown that torsion field changes blood parameters including the erythrocytes sedimentation rate (ESR). The important discovery of right and left spin (torsion) fields and their effect on biological objects has lead to development of this device. According to scientists left torsion fields are harmful for cells and may cause carcinoma (a malignant tumor), whereas right spin fields cause no harm. Therefore cells must be protected from harmful left spin (torsion) field that unlike EMR has no physical obstacles also known as information component of EMR.
The National Research Council has reported that exposure to cell phone radiation may affect the immune, endocrine and nervous systems, fetal development and overall metabolism (NRC 2008b). Children are likely to be more susceptible than adults to effects from cell phone radiation, since the brain of a child is still developing and its nervous tissues absorb a greater portion of incoming radiation compared to that of an adult.
How does it work?
This dual action device neutralizes by mean of inversion a harmful left spin (torsion) component of EMR by superimposing right spin field. Special design of this device blocks EMR from resonating with frequencies of the water molecules inside living cells. The device neutralizes a harmful component of electromagnetic field that interacts with biological fields generated by cells and DNAs. This dual action device will keep your cells harmless.
The device is designed as a holographic self-adhesive sticker that can be easily attached to the back panel of cell phone, MP3 player, etc. Moreover, protective properties of this device are transferred from the protected phone to the unprotected during wireless connection session regardless of the distance.
The device does not interfere with any other electronic devices.